Discussing Family Trauma From a "Queen Sugar" Perspective.

Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health , 3243 N. Broadway, Chicago

CHHAMH's founder Christopher LeMark sits down with the Black to the beginning podcast. They're dedicated to sharing and highlighting black adoption stories. “It is our secrets that are killing us", a quote by OwnTV's Queen Sugar character Nova Bordelon ( Season 4). While the truth can indeed set YOU free, it may, in fact, shackle others as you step into your healing journey. Telling our stories publicly, with close friends, and even our therapists lays bare the experiences of those who have shaped our lives - positively or negatively. Does the storyteller have the right to share the details of someone else’s life that intersect our own?

We are here to normalize therapy and the mental health conversation and everyone's invited. Each event will feature a different storytellers & therapists. | Drinks & lite bites will be provided. Register today!