Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health: Live from Thalia Hall

Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport St., Chicago, IL

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and we're excited to create a safe space for you to listen, receive and share your thoughts. Multiple lines of evidence indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic has profound psychological and social effects. The psychological effects of the pandemic will probably persist for months and years to come. From social isolation, anxiety, fear of contagion, uncertainty, chronic stress, and economic difficulties. We may see an exacerbation of depressive, anxiety, substance use, and other mental disorders in vulnerable populations including individuals with pre-existing emotional issues. Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health will explore this discussion with a panel of therapists, medical experts, and city officials.

Join us for a night of music, live entertainment, and a community group discussion.